Time to Rest.

You changed my ways, you taught me how to love, but now what?

So you tell me to respect you, you tell me to be good, but for what?

I’ve put down my arms and opened them wide, ready to let you in,

But now that you have me, right where you want me, you’ll never want me again.

You say that at night, I haunt your sleep, and I wake up to find the blame set on me,

But dreams are your torments, not mine to live,

And yet I wake up sorry and ask you to forgive.

You wont let me have you, yet you won’t let me leave,

my heart open on the operating table, you watching me bleed.

And in this demise, I catch a glance 

A look of distrust, disgusted lustful romance.

My hands are not as strong as they used to be,

They cant fight back without the power that you stole from me,

And where a mask of confidence once lay upon my face,

It was shattered by your kiss and it’s bitter taste.

Tears flow and sting my open wounds,

But to my sadness you are immune.

And happiness with you is just a passing trend,

Yet still you claim that you are my best friend.

But, we hold hands of broken bones,

and make our bed from sticks and stones.

What can I do that I haven’t already done?

How can I prove that I’m worthy of your love?

I fear that I’m trapped, strapped to the floor

I’ve given you my heart, i have nothing more.

So bled-out and empty, with a cavernous chest,

It’s time to say goodbye, it’s time for me to rest.

Love people that love you, not those that try to change you. The only way you will change, is learning and growing from personal experience. You cannot take others perspectives without seeing things yourself. This may lead to failure or judgement but trial and error are part of the process. Be you and love you.

You can be whatever you want to be, but we so often let others tell us what and who we are. It is only when we realize that the walls they box us in with are imaginary and formed from jealousy, judgement, and fear. Breaking the walls with positive thinking is far better then shutting yourself in and accepting a fate that was never yours to begin with. Be you, and know you, for you are in control and the world is yours to take if you want it.

The War

The battle began the way it ceased,
With one lonely heart on tear stained sheets.
One warrior to try and end the war,
Waged on a soul from years before.
Tactics tried and tactics failed,
Yet there were times when hope prevailed.
But morale was low at points too;
Moments it seemed the enemy knew.
And with full force the enemy charged,
On scotched taped pieces of a broken heart.
Blow after blow the army stood tall,
Until the last of them would fall.
And on their knees they’d beg to be saved,
But words and bullets don’t scar the same.
With a gun to their heads to make a choice,
They finally chose to mute their voice.
And knowing that no good could come,
The brave young soldiers did succumb.
But this time the place they’d fall to bed,
The sheets would rest upon their heads.
And not tangled up in sweat and skin,
And curled up next to their everything.
It would be the last goodnight kiss, 
There would be many chances missed.
And things not said, too many tears cried,
For this would be the last goodbye.

The War it has it’s casualties,
And yet we fight it knowingly.
But peace, in Love, what is peace?
Just an excuse for apathy.
So on we fight with all our blood,
To stain the world and call it love.
There never is a winner to war,
No one leaves the unscathed victor.
And there needn’t be blood shed for those to lose,
The mind is weak enough to bruise.
But wounds will heal with stitch and glue,
Something thoughts just cannot do.
Innocence dies a victim to spite,
And jealousy challenges trust to a fight.
Banners once flown so graciously,
Wear and tear with the loss of dignity.
And what was once so true and brave,
Can’t even bring its own life to save.
In the heat of the moment it all seems just,
But it is no ones right to ever act as such.
The carnal damage cannot be undone,
Caused by a game that could never be won.

And what was the point to all of this?
Just part of the human experience.
“Make love not war” that’s what they say,
To keep our weary souls at Bay.
But forget what your told and know this more,
Nothing is fair in love and war.
Three years ago we were going to conquer the world. But today we’ve become so caught up with fear and anxiety, that we’ve convinced ourselves that we can’t, that it’s impossible. Well that’s just foolish. It’s ours if we want it. And boy do I want it. HSM♥

Three years ago we were going to conquer the world. But today we’ve become so caught up with fear and anxiety, that we’ve convinced ourselves that we can’t, that it’s impossible. Well that’s just foolish. It’s ours if we want it. And boy do I want it. HSM


Strength is an interesting thing. It isn’t found in everyone. It resides inside only a select few people in this world and allows them to do great and extraordinary things.

I am not talking about physical strength. No that, we can obtain easily; a little hard work, a little blood, sweat, and tears, and voilà you are a physical specimen illuminating strength from your washboard abs to that ass that can bounce quarters. This is not the kind of strength to which I am referring.

No, the kind of strength that I am talking about is much more rare, and it is one in which I and so many people out there are searching for everday, searching for within ourselves in hopes of finding even a small sliver. It is the quality, the gift, that allows one person to overcome all odds; their class, education, religion, family, financial status, heritage, even physical disadvantages. But most importantly, it is the strength that allows one to overcome themselves, their fears and doubts, and that little voice in their head telling them they’re not good enough. Many people lack this quality. They fall in line, into the status-quo, accepting the life before them, and never asking or searching for more. They settle, they live and they die, maybe content, maybe not.

I will never stop searching. I will never stop wandering this world or delving deep into my soul until I have found that strength or died trying.